#9: Margaret McNab – Staying True to You

On this episode, we sit down with the OG Freelancer, Margaret McNab. Today Margaret sits at the head of the over 1,000 people strong Freelance League in Raleigh-Durham and continues to hone her freelance hustle with projects from some of the area's top companies.

#7: Jason Burke – A Return To The Table

Termed J-Burke Enterprise by his classmates, Jason Burke always knew he wanted to start his own business. With a mother who used her passion for cooking to unite friends and family around her kitchen table, Jason was instilled with a love not only for food but also for the importance of spending time with loved ones.

2018 Year in Review with MATI

From the late night sessions, the early morning grinds, and everything in-between, we are beyond grateful that so many have chosen MATI to help power them through their hustle. Here is a quick recap of our favorite MATI moments of 2018!

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