#14: Bobby Hobert – Turning Passion Into Reality

Equipped with an outgoing personality, hustler mentality, and an unforgettable beard, Bobby had the vision to create content that would change the game. Now the host of Purpose in the Youth podcast, which unfolds the stories of today’s passionate entrepreneurs and go-getters, Bobby hopes to inspire others to pursue their passion.

#11: Joan Yabani – An Undocumented Story

Having your parents leave you in a foreign country with your only sibling at age 14 sounds like a nightmare to many of us. For Joan Yobani, it’s the reality she faced when her parents returned to Ghana leaving her and her sister to take on high school and college on their own while living with a friend from church.

#9: Margaret McNab – Staying True to You

On this episode, we sit down with the OG Freelancer, Margaret McNab. Today Margaret sits at the head of the over 1,000 people strong Freelance League in Raleigh-Durham and continues to hone her freelance hustle with projects from some of the area's top companies.

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