#11: Joan Yabani – An Undocumented Story

Having your parents leave you in a foreign country with your only sibling at age 14 sounds like a nightmare to many of us. For Joan Yobani, it’s the reality she faced when her parents returned to Ghana leaving her and her sister to take on high school and college on their own while living with a friend from church. In this episode, Joan takes us through what it’s like finding your way as an undocumented immigrant as well as the trials she faced while going through high school and college. Joan’s hustle is pure, real, and something that we envy. Her story is sure to inspire you and is confirmation that hard work and willingness to put yourself “out there” pays off. Today, she sits as the Operations Manager of Durham based tech company “Smashing Boxes” while also working on an app she co-founded called KyereMe which is focused on bringing the spotlight back to the entrepreneurs of her home country, Ghana. Tune in!

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